Marco Bove, MASSED, DFKY – Caelhum [Fluctus Soul]

Caelhum, perspective of a cosmonaut, protagonist of an adventurous journey through the unknown. After the destruction of the Earth he finds himself wandering in space, with only coordinates of two distant and unexplored galaxies, 001 and MTMS, on a mission in search of new worlds to live. It is the story of an artist's dream, who wanted to show, with the arduous mission of the cosmonaut, the constant search for happiness which characterizes the human being.
This release include also a remix of 001 by Massed and MTMS by label boss Marco Bove.

DFKY - 001 (Original Mix)
DFKY - 001 (Massed Remix)
DFKY - MTMS (Original Mix)
DFKY - MTMS (Marco Bove Remix)