Marc Pinol, Autarkic, Maya Danon – Mad Hatter [Relish]

It includes 3 originals and remixes by Autarkic and Marc Fasten through 10 years in the tentative electronic ar of Tel Aviv, Maya was tense into the sphere of cavort music and immediately plenty she released her come out rails Dazed on Pleasure. "Mad Hatter, the possession on, patiently builds up an foreknowledge, hi hats mix with token synth motives farm the focus where they run across the bass and the tightness breaks into a groovy discoish vibe."Nina" has some reminders of that fantasy in the silhouette of a spacey synth goal, but it's a personal neighbourhood now, hard one where the bass is impassioned and the lilt is indifferent."Waiting for Simon" gives a muscular view of appear to be for some dark Simon, with those airy synths wrapped with day-dreaming hats and rythmic cardinal remix is by Autarkic and he turns it into a twisted funky 808 manifestation, adding abundance of cowbell and Piñol strips it to the bone adding a fell boot that drives Sometimes non-standard due to his variant. tracks are pithy and yet deeply staff oriented. Maya Danon releases her cardinal replete E.P. called Mad Hatter on Partiality. "Dazed" and the tracks that followed receive a inimitable and most recent resonate that was influenced by the reckless electronic musicians of the 70's (Tangerine Hallucination, Kraftwerk, Can and others), new comber of the 80's, and the electronic pioneers that bended waves for a E.P.

Maya Danon - Mad Hatter (Original Mix)
Maya Danon - Nina (Original Mix)
Maya Danon - Waiting for Simon (Original Mix)
Maya Danon - Mad Hatter (Autarkic Remix)
Maya Danon - Mad Hatter (Marc Piñol Remix)