Marangoni – Money Shot [Sleazy G]

THIS IS Indispensable !!! Lastly Flow Move in reverse takes us on a bumped up pilgrimage with housey chords structure effects and jackin' beats keeping the vibe unsophisticated. Flimsy G returns with another hot new Brazilian inclination, this lifetime it's Marangoni who delivers a direct up G-Lodgings EP with robust basslines and hot dancefloor elements to wobb any fellowship. Next comes Liable to be Avenue with it's more housey & tech congress blackjack builds and more hypnotizing rolling whistles & effects. The tenure alley delivers the grave Lolly Picture with it's steppin' vocals erection things up to its doozy g-funked whistle causing natural vibes when it's chopped at the down, sober banger this. Care for it Gimcrack, G.

Marangoni - Money Shot (Original Mix)
Marangoni - Danger Avenue (Original Mix)
Marangoni - Roll Back (Original Mix)