Manuel Costela, JackWasFaster, Defence of Excess – Our Way [2phonic Recordings]

In this subordin pass out we receive the Explanation Of Surfeit duo (Hyman Bass & Manuel Costela), these guys not under any condition respite to build music works since they got to the studio, Our Way is an EP with four tracks exceedingly inscrutable lodgings but tall luminary and refinement, including the rare and unsound remixes of Jackwasfaster (Rank Metropolis) and the Manuel Costela (Bucketround/2phonic Recordings).
Novel tracks written and produced by Manuel Costela & Raul Linares "Screen Of Overflow" remixes by Jackwasfaster and Manuel Costela, Mastered by Manuel Costela at Bucketroom Studio, 2phonic Recordings 2016.

Defence of Excess - Our Way (Original mix)
Defence of Excess - Acid Test Baudio (Original mix)
Defence of Excess - Our Way (Jackwasfaster Dub)
Defence of Excess - Our Way (manuel Costela Club RMX)