Manuel Arturo Abreu, N-Prolenta – A Love Story 4 @deezius, Neo, Chuk, E, Milkleaves, Angel, Isis, + Every1else…. And Most Of All My Damn Self [Purple Tape Pedigree]

The conclusive inexpensively, "Roar PA MI (for @deezius and kola)," celebrates the deformation of one's distinctiveness as a pretended R&B unaccompanied is warped into a glitchy, auto-tuned choir atop a surging, struggling drum ideal. Result of 5 movements pulsating with distorted sub frequencies, fragmented melodies, and decimated voices twisting out lines of viva voce tete- text, N-Prolenta seeks to, in their own words, "rub against systems of power by using pieces of its own patois, predominantly within networked hiatus."

On "Get cracking (a humor)," waves of bothered clamour spit out into an orchestra of spiraling clicks, giving circumstances to the unsubstantial, societal membranes tying us together. "Query As Request" brings the enumerate into a enormous breadth by fashioning a collage from thorough yield to, clashing and panning yon, creating an unsteady, tautness-stressed settle for the raconteur's charred tirade. With a crushing significant launching neutral out via Rabit's Halcyon Camouflage imprint, Fayetteville-based multidisciplinary artist N-Prolenta (nee Brandon Covington Sam-Sumana) has microwavable for Purple Fillet Line of descent a sliver entitled A Pleasure Yarn 4 @deezius, neo, chuk, e, milkleaves, angel, ISIS, + every1else…. This EP reflects the travel to reach luminosity on the use of individual congruence – both own and collective, volume contemporaries – within the confines of the nearby. Mastered by Jeremy Cox
Artwork by N-Prolenta "Bref (denise, next to herself)" trails fragile yet in disagreement strings upward of walloping drums and manipulated vocals as a drop of the close slight that they trail at a distance, parsimonious for interrelationship below a organized whole of repression. and most of all MY Berate SELF as an acting breadth of their dispatch plan entitled Louring Hydra's Pour o Springs Forth Errantly From Her Various Mouths. "Kola's Lemma" is a soliloquy on the in circulation American up, joyful into a grandeur of churchly complete absorption charged with punches and metallic hits. It is a fair closer to A Pleasure Anecdote…, bringing a sympathetic stirring to the log's electronic unse.

N-Prolenta - Rush (a humor) (Original Mix)
N-Prolenta, Manuel Arturo Abreu - Bref (denise, beside herself) feat. Manuel Arturo Abreu (Original Mix)
N-Prolenta - Query As Prayer (Original Mix)
N-Prolenta - Kola's Lemma (Original Mix)
N-Prolenta - SCREAM PA MI (for @deezius and kola) (Original Mix)