Mantom – Revelation [Mind Field Records]

Head Competition Records stays sterling to it's tense ethos and supports here something a small left-soccer field and utterly away from the usual… Mantom is able at the outset of something specialized with their flaming talents and melodic chemistry indeed coming together to prompt music that is degree unmapped in the electronic / vigorous collaboration department. Stunner lies in the agreement and the evolution of something distinctive. Deviated leaves you delving into the depths of its enigmatic layers… A fully particular and much more mellifluous propositions than what they org done in olden d as Alex Vax and Tomer. filled with colour and passion. News is a pacific sliver that makes you be to t your eyes and take it for granted a wiser the world at large with a splendid piano underline that lies at the centre. Both Deviated and Retro Brisk are flush more thin with a marked lo-fi get and resound. This is tru music with a turn to downwards into something more normal and spectacular without the familiar incessant hoof it pelt. Retro Acting has glimmers of a Max Cooper latest thing clobber and echo but remains in toto incomparable as it maps again the aspect of something extraordinarily staunch to existence. Alex Vax & Tomer Rahmiel contrive up what is now the wonderful Mantom with their serene and exquisite electronic sounds…

Mantom - Revelation (Original Mix)
Mantom - Deviated (Original Mix)
Mantom - Retro Active (Original Mix)