Malatoid, AudioHell – Dreaming Parmesan [AudioHell Department]

This new devise deviates from the melodious category of his recorded denomination Digital Traffik Recordings. AudioHell has started a new docket presence the style of his recording studio. "Dreaming Parmesan" is the leading EP of the classification and is made along with his honey chum Malatoid. The backpack contains 4 genuine electronic tracks, complete of moog sounds and melodic pads. With this remarkable ep, AudioHell is underwrite to the music milieu with a elephantine analog give one the impression dedicated to the most taxing trip the light fantastic toe floors. More info @

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AudioHell, Malatoid - Dreaming Parmesan (Original Mix)
AudioHell, Malatoid - The Green Light (Original Mix)
AudioHell, Malatoid - You Are Not Alone (Original Mix)
AudioHell, Malatoid - Repetition Is The Key (Original Mix)