Magnus Moone – Red Flag [Diventa Music]

What this has to do with the music? Words like vivid, robust, edgy, off tuneful, introspective, melancholic traverse the manipulate of this music, that again uses Greek symphonic instruments and compositions combined with harsh analogue percussion as agreeably as digital sounds and effects. As it is already obdurate sufficient to outline music with words, it becomes consistent more problematical with ideas that don't unqualifiedly fit into categories or genres. Heed for yourself and see what associations you possess. All of these tracks get been in acclimatized or been produced as global flick soundtracks. But this is something that makes this album so od and shows the faithful artistry of Magnus Moone, who describes the matter of this album as that of an epitome "failed protagonist". With "Red Streamer" Magnus Moone presents the latest album exposure of cinematic orchestral and conjectural influential resemble. Magnus Moone is the artist superiority of Wolfram Gruss (PNFA, Spoq) who releases music from his commercial and mobility drawing soundtracks at the beck this esteem.

Magnus Moone - Triest Harbour (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Im Garten des Zauberers (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Zwerg mit Vogel (Piano Variation)
Magnus Moone - Gecko (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Alone in Vienna (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Suiderland (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Sea Route (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Moth Fairy (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Unfolding (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Weird Sparks (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Feathers (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Rebel With a Broken Leg (Return)
Magnus Moone - Red Flag (Burning)
Magnus Moone - Eulenspiegel (Original Mix)