Magnus Moone – El Carnaval De Arlequin [Diventa Music]

Multifaceted artist Magnus Moone presents with his new album a cinematic trek into Spanish and Catalan influenced population music. It does not upon to be anything but what it is in spite of: an tender, subconscous near, which can be presume from and enjoyed by the listener in myriad ways. Magnus Moone no matter what took the job above and produced a 14 way longplayer inspired by Mir's existence parable as admirably as by his paintings. "El Carnaval de Arlequn" is contemporay cinematic music with a lot of Guitars, Bells, Violins and Percussion, but also total of slightly experiential sounds. This album is a non-specific and wonderful listening involvement. All of these tracks own been instance in use accustomed to or been produced as cosmopolitan cover soundtracks. At these compositions were produced as soundtrack for an showing with works by artist Mir and a pic helter-skelter his existence that was edited simultanously. Magnus Moone is the artist renown of Wolfram Gruss (PNFA, Spoq) who releases music from his commercial and sign spit soundtracks supervised this term. Its edgy, token but tangled, over unqualifiedly odd and quirky, then brittle, on occasion practically violently magnificent.

Magnus Moone - Miro (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Liber Tango (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Constellation (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - El Carnaval de Arlequin (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Zwerg mit Vogel (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Balade en peinture (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Unfolding (Variation)
Magnus Moone - In the Alley (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Moving Weeds (Piano Version)
Magnus Moone - Apples On Blue (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Nameless City in Lithuania (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Sea Route (Without Cello Instrumental)
Magnus Moone - Flamenco Surealis (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Stone and Bird (Original Mix)
Magnus Moone - Liber Tango (Remix)