Maglev, Talamanca, Alex Wright, Valiant – Playa Dorada [Emergent Shores]

Giving a more vibrant point of view on the real composition is Maglev, with clubbier rifle elements and a mesmerising, impressively atmospheric review. A consummate soundtrack for summer with all three angles of the liberal sense that, here is 'Playa Dorada'. This chilled, melodically driven exploit interweaves layer upon layer of inviting token melodies together with ingenuity to cede to for a blissed out ruin in advance of edifice into a fruitful, up cadence leading leg. Bringing sun-kissed, beachy vibes to the shores is uplifting stupor flair Alex Wright and his university crony Kieran Johnson aka Valiant from Nottingham, UK with their railway 'Playa Dorada'. Bringing his signature geniality and elegance to proceedings with the leading remix is not any other than Talamanca, using beautiful pianos and vocal refrains to add a bit of addendum odour to the sonic palette, with top cut construction values and earshot conceive of.

Valiant, Alex Wright - Playa Dorada (Original Mix)
Valiant, Alex Wright - Playa Dorada (Talamanca Remix)
Valiant, Alex Wright - Playa Dorada (Maglev Remix)