Magdalen Silvestra, Ayk – Winter Is Here [VERSE (Equinox)]

We at VERSE expectation you liking attraction this splendid vocal railroad and at to accord us your much appreciated promote . Magdalen is concentrating on direction the earmark these days so this is a rare demeanour from her but she loved this mesmeric prints from AYK so much that she couldn't stop. At 138 BPM this road has loads of force , a very much atmospheric make public with unequalled vocals and a hauntingly mesmeric refrain that paints pictures of a interminable drained frozen prospect stretching to the scope. VERSE is happy to salutation promote AYK and this stretch he is collaborating with our epithet Proprietress/CEO Magdalen Silvestra to bring forth a mammoth uplifting vocal monitor.

Ayk, Magdalen Silvestra - Winter Is Here (Original Mix)