Macromism, Clint Stewart, Klaudia G, Frankyeffe – Trenta – Remixes, Pt. 3 [Riot Recordings]

Riot 37 will be composed by the collection of excellent remixes of four tracks included in the album Trenta by Frankyeffe. The full album has taken everyone by surprise confirming the record label as a great and consistent certainty within the 'scene'. Cisco The Advent & Ricardo Industrialyzer put their hands on Crazy Man taking the track towards their individual techno dimension; truly a floor banger which leaves one without the chance to breath. On a darker note is Go away from here featuring miss Klaudia Gawlas who gives the track an old school feel bringing back to memory the Germany of the early nineties, when the word techno only meant one thing. A Psychedelic-deep vision from Clint Stewart who, remixing Dragon Flying, welcomes Frankyeffe's 'Dragonfly' into specific mind fields that can only be crossed after a certain time of the day; food for thought. The fourth and last track, when I was a child, is left to the care of the duo Macronism who have constructed a distinctive groove around the original main riff. Their remix is taken by the hand and guided by a raising synth which, throughout the track, never lets the listeners put their feet back on the soil of Planet Earth. RIOT 37: 4 remixes of 4 tracks which will take you on 4 different journeys, all of them, undoubtably, in first class

Frankyeffe - Crazy Man (The Advent & Industrialyzer Remix)
Frankyeffe - Go Away from Here (Klaudia Gawlas Remix)
Frankyeffe - Dragonfly Flying (Clint Stewart Remix)
Frankyeffe - When I Was a Child (Macromism Remix)