Maark V, Arthur Ferr̬yra, M De Maik, Kyar РCognosis [Ushuaia Music]

A number of Artists – Cognosis is the latest come out with on Ushuaia Music.Electronic music – an awesome symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the Terra

Kyar - Omen (Original Mix)
Kiori Soul - Remain (Original Mix)
L&M Project - All I Want Is The Bass (Original Mix)
Last Vision - Denable Inn (Original Mix)
Last Vision - Wuilbo (Original Mix)
LorentDJ - Blue Dice (Original Mix)
LorentDJ - ID (Original Mix)
Lukas Ruiz - Back To 70s (Original Mix)
M De Maik - Rokit Powered (Original Mix)
M De Maik - Suliman (Original Mix)
Arthur Ferrèyra, Maark V - Cognosis (Original Mix)