M-Voice – Dancing In The Sun [Sofa Sessions]

next on the Sofa is a release from German artist Thorsten Sengel aka M-Voice who presents his debut EP 'Dancing in the Sun'. This single kicks off with 'Deep In Me', a melodic dub workout that draws on some wonderfully uplifting yet off kilter keyboard work, superb by the title track, an entrancing, deep housy affair that brings all the positivity with yearning chords that stretch out into the his Sleepless Nightflow' he turns in a deep and hypnotic version build around simple entwined melodies that has a true chilled out night-flow feel to we have the excellent chill out 'Wellengang' and last but not least completing the package with an emotive and impressive oriental percussive 'You are the frog my friend' that is the perfect final piece in the is another sterling release on Sofa Sessions by

M-Voice - Deep in Me (Original Mix)
M-Voice - Dancing in the Sun (Original Mix)
M-Voice - Sleepless Nightflow (Original Mix)
M-Voice - Wellengang (Original Mix)
M-Voice - You Are the Frog My Friend (Original Mix)