M.O.T.F – Shores Of Oblivion Ep [Patrol The Skies Music]

Distributed By Symphonic Dispersal – They clearly brought the social gathering vibes on this EP! See you in the trip the light fantastic toe! We upon you benefit these tunes while two of the guys from MOTF (Arqer & Realtime) put the unalterable touches on the basic jam-packed-span LP for us, which desire down when in 2017! is retreat from on Beat The Skies Music with some much-needed half measure profession!

M.O.T.F - Shores Of Oblivion EP (Original Mix)
M.O.T.F - Drogon (Original Mix)
M.O.T.F - Urban Cowgirl (Original Mix)
M.O.T.F - Unfinished Business (Original Mix)