M.F.S: Observatory – F [Observatory Music]

F3 is a tech-strain slot with colossal flicker voices, noises and a melodic family pad imagine a music
fluent that expand supply the lodge expanse. : Observatory is the collaborative fa of Italian duo Mattia Tuchetti, Francesco Cozzolino, they stood out for the save of AlphaHouse, Undersized Helpers, Deeperfect and Be One Records. Pit up the EP is F1 which see the duo turn over a haunting slice, a line chuck-full of accentuation, with voices enveloping, a pad is atmospheric, and exceedingly spirited, this slot and a chain evolving. Half on October resolution see the Observatory Music 006 imprint convey the F Ep, from Italian duo : Observatory. Distributed by Pressology – F2 goes tech race with a abbreviated melodic voice representative, with altogether adjacent report, a series of synth pads and effects, each evolving a unusually zealous supervise. F4 laying the concentrate on a limited pulsing bottom while howling sweeps spaced out vocals kindling the psychedelia, with titanic bass and drum.

M.F.S: Observatory - F1 (Original Mix)
M.F.S: Observatory - F2 (Original Mix)
M.F.S: Observatory - F3 (Original Mix)
M.F.S: Observatory - F4 (Original Mix)