Lyner, Ads Peri – Trucks [Evolve Records]

Ads Peri (Adrien Perini) is a young and talented artist from France. He got into electronic music back in 1998, particularly Trance & Progressive. Inspired by great artists and big names of the scene, Ads Peri produced his own music since 2000. For him, music means Life and has a great passion. He delivers emotional and melodic sounds, to share the emotion of Trance music around the world.
With Trucks', Ads Peri delivers a rich Trance track together with Co-Producer & Composer Lyner and a powerful follow up to his successfull release 'Interstellar'. Uplifting melodies, powerful leads and driving basslines.

Ads Peri, Lyner - Trucks (Original Mix)
Ads Peri, Lyner - Trucks (Radio Mix)