Lydmor & Bon Homme – The Red Acoustic Stc Session [hfn]

Later we started missing those precise moments and we considered to transcribe a take onetake assembly in a big old educational institution studio to see if we could take some of that voodoo. Drums and snapping fingers put beats like memories of danced away nights while here you are listening to the disconsolate soundtrack of some hungover day after. At principal this was horrid for us but then the songs opened up in a perfectly unexpected way as acoustic ballads. We both are collecting enlightenment and liveliness and bewitching a big wholesome suggestion of different air to come convergence again to exhort more vivacity. The Red Acoustic STC Sitting was recorded living in STC Studios Copenhagen. What started out as a hangover understanding with a basic phone designate in fine led to the EP The Acoustic STC Conference. Six songs of the appear album amongst them the singles Things We Do For Ardour and Missed Out On Disco were recorded in charmingly abrupt arrangements. It was basic for us to not get it too make up for so there was no repeat no overdubs no click path no editing or autotune and all the other wonders of fresh recording. Whilst Lydmor is find her trustwort vote chasmal down in Asia Tomas is working on a new album with his stripe WhoMadeWho in Copenhagen. says Lydmor. Praised by the cram as flawless bittersweet pop noir (Deutschlandfunk) or pop devices with a come up of darkness a smidgen of sass and a intact lot of sex application (Nordic Shine) and danced away by their growing fan stem at eager living shows Lydmor & Bon Homme came across check out situations where they were challenged to stand in for their music without using their electronic instruments. Now they are exploring a contrasting complexion of their tuneful bandwidth with acoustic versions of their pop songs which they recorded viable in onetake sessions. Driving beats disco pop odd staff shows troubadour and creator duo Lydmor & Bon Homme quota a sharp passion for electronic music in spite of both of them started out their lyrical advancement with Danish general public music. In the meantime they drive enjoy oneself entirely few selected concerts as Lydmor & Bon Homme with a four piece team up. The proscription instrumentation with piano keyboard and acoustic guitar leaves break for two voices each of them so alluring in their exceptionally own way flirting having fun and pleasantly snuggling up without continually giving up their individuality. On the brink of a year ago Jenny Rossander aka Lydmor and Tomas Hffding aka Bon Homme released their come out album Seven Dreams Of Ardour as Lydmor & Bon Homme. states Lydmor It turned out to be a lot of fun for us and we are cheerily surprised give how satisfactory it sounds. The complete deep red sitting has been filmed and all six videos will-power be published during the fall. Lydmor & Bon Homme has ever been meant to be the las lover very than the settled housewife.

  • Release date: 2016-10-07
  • Label: hfn
  • Genre: Progressive House
  • Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Lydmor & Bon Homme - Trampoline (Acoustic Live Version)
Lydmor & Bon Homme - Missed out on Disco (Acoustic Live Version)
Lydmor & Bon Homme - Trooper (Acoustic Live Version)
Lydmor & Bon Homme - Things We Do for Love (Acoustic Live Version)
Lydmor & Bon Homme - Tear Us Apart Again (Acoustic Live Version)
Lydmor & Bon Homme - Dream of Fire (Acoustic Live Version)