Lux Familiar, Symbiotic Sounds – Footsteps In The Jungle [Sequel One Records]

Sequel One is delighted to present the first LP by the 'brains' of the label, one of the most important figures in the Polish bass scene – Symbiotic Sounds.
The artist invites you to a dynamically-crazy trip through the jungle. It started with rhythm and that's where it will stay. Organic, pulsating 808 sequences and chopped up drum breaks have always been a symbolic part of Lukasz's style, so treat it as part of the landscape. On one side, he takes us to the underground climate of Chicago, yet the other side is filled with tribal rhythms and vocals which bring you back to the jungle. Wherever the trip may lead, Symbiotic Sounds manages to find the perfect balance between synthesisers and samples.
'FOOTSTEPS IN THE JUNGLE' is the next step in our producer's own journey through sound.

MASTER : Lukasz Szyda
COVER: Piotr Depta

Symbiotic Sounds - The Rhythms (Original Mix)
Symbiotic Sounds - Aztecs (Original Mix)
Symbiotic Sounds - Body Movin (Original Mix)
Symbiotic Sounds - Papamu (Original Mix)
Symbiotic Sounds - Space Safari (Original Mix)
Symbiotic Sounds - Soundboy Dub (Original Mix)
Symbiotic Sounds - Badman (Original Mix)
Symbiotic Sounds - Funk You (Original Mix)
Symbiotic Sounds - Stay Together (Original Mix)
Symbiotic Sounds - Fake City (Original Mix)
Symbiotic Sounds, Lux Familiar - Witch Doctor (Original Mix)