Lukas Poellauer, Jakobin & Domino – Roshambo Ep [Luv Shack Records]

What we got was a stunningly deep remix of 'Numbing 7', boasting with mettlesome MPC beats and and a complex, fre configuration. As if this wouldn't be enough, „Mooguai" boasts in with a ingenious synth bassline and an hypnotic arp, underlaid with ethereal throb strings and an upfront jazz-home flog. Entitled Roshambo, J&D give a lumpy four tracker for your ceremonial shades of night raves and summer baffle. We welcome side with our completely own flier boys Jakobin & Domino with their 3rd EP for Luv Cuffs. As a vivid largesse, we've asked pubescent Austrian flair Lukas Poellauer to rework one of the tracks on the EP. EP closer 'Frozen 7' harks abet to the pioneer days of ancestry music, with funny 707 beats, a paragon Juno bassline and a blissful device notion to boot. 'Can't Eschew It' is heating things up next with a impervious syncopated channel, chopped up chord stabs and a dense vocal crinkle on top. Our boys are kicking things off gleaming with its title-deed oversee 'Roshambo' in an barely Motown-esque line relationship way with expressive vocals and a funkadelic drum limit. Versatility that you shouldn't want out!

Jakobin & Domino - Roshambo (Original Mix)
Jakobin & Domino - Can't Help It (Original Mix)
Jakobin & Domino - Mooguai (Original Mix)
Jakobin & Domino - Polar 7 (Original Mix)
Jakobin & Domino - Polar 7 (Lukas Poellauer Remix)