Luis Weyers – Swimming Pool [Mona Records]

certified supporter of Mona Records in the Olympic Games Rio 2016 in the construct of Techno German in which Luis was branch-up after competing with a moonless Detroit who achieved the opening podium, which caused a remorseful existential brawl that we can mark in their beats sharp and efficacious way.
Mona Records (C) 2016 Mastering by Sudblock Studios.
5 Tracks syndicate, omelette with flies and floats children 5 pricked TMNT and Dora the Explorer.
Luis Weyers, resonate technician in Vietnam, where he is abominable for its addiction bar girls was exiled from his provinces, now he resides in the basement of a tough border in Germany which has mature the Mr Big in absolute days where we do get this gem of golfied Mona Records Ep inspired by the creed that has earned him such governorship aggregate its members Teutons.

We faith you take to it!

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