Luis Quezada – Fireflies [Inspectrum Recordings]

Luis Enrique Quezada Amézquita, was born on December 8, in 1991, in Guatemala City. His passion for music began when he was about 3, when his mother listened to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Lucio Vivaldi. When he was 13 years old, he listened to Daft Punk, they were the perfect example of what he wanted about electronic music, He discovered that there was a genre called Trance, and grew up listening to Armin Van Buuren,Paul Oakenfold, John O'callaghan, Paul Van Dyk and many others. In 2011 made his first performance as DJ in many places around his city. In 2012 joins to "Naltitam Live Stream" and starts his profesional DJ carreer with some friends who likes the same type of music and stuff. In 2013 he begins to produce his own tracks, helped by his partners in ?Naltitam Live Stream? Jose Santamarina y Lusvin Alexander, and with them, he learned how to play piano, and how to use different software to produce, to make his own productions. Finally, Luis Quezada thinks about himself like a guy who loves classical music and trance music, genre in that he has been specialized.

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Luis Quezada - Fireflies (Original Mix)