Luis Leon’s Late Night, Malbetrieb, Javier Orduna, Atapy – Redub [Chapter 24 Records]

For our nineteenth Chapter, Atapy leads the charge with the powerful Redub EP. He is joined by three talented horsemen from the label ranks: Javier Orduna, Malbetrieb and Luis Leon.

It's all about quality and not quantity for Atapy, with previous key releases on his own Cimelde label, Bedrock and Get Physical.

'Redub' is a powerful club cut that builds around heavy, dubby Detroit stabs bound to hit home on the dancefloor.

Atapy - Redub (Original Mix)
Atapy - Redub (Javier Orduna Edition)
Atapy - Redub (Malbetrieb Edition)
Atapy - Redub (Luis Leon's Late Night Edition)
Atapy - Redub to Space (Bonus Edit)