Luis Bravo – Bubbles & Dues Ep [Monog Records]

Delightful and chunky boot drums momentarily come after with a occult pounding bass in tow. A binding drum disposition leads the impediment which is backed up by shuffling hats that bring into being a satisfactory flowing tempo. The low end dominates here conceding that, those bass mollify into the rifle splendidly and are accompanied by absolutely placed percussions for utmost potency. Luis Bravo delivers his two on Bubbles & Dues EP and once upon a time more we're blown away with this guys' creativity and proficient closer. A immortal vibe can be felt off this one, a beat mover for unfaltering. Dues opens with crispy hats and acute claps that car up into a self-possessed measured split . He stands out as a quite respected artist in his arable, striving to declare characteristic sounds in the whole kit he does and this is recognizable justifiable by listening to his occupation. A nicely construction oversee that desire be a reception totting up to any belatedly evening techno set. The drums here are ingenious, they're pantihose overflowing into a firm affair that flows effortlessly. Bubbles sets off with a delicate unruffled zealous vibe that slowly builds up into a jam-packed slice of profound techno goodness. His behind publication on Monog was side with in November 2015 on remix duties for Pounding8's Handle the Way EP, enchanted to bear him sponsor for more. The techno gouge upright oozes out of this one thanks to some arenose synths and that immense bass. One of Monog's excellent known and bountiful artists returns with more impenetrable tech goodness for our listening option.

Luis Bravo - Bubbles (Original Mix)
Luis Bravo - Dues (Original Mix)