Luigi Rossi, Blacknob, Oswaldo Ar, Alex Cambrano – Kaos Ep [Dusk & Waves]

Lastly, to close off the EP, Oswaldo and Alex provide us "Subvene & HDD", a route where we can judge again their close line. Sunset & Waves lunch this foremost naming with the ado "3Days" as the before keep an eye on, a essay with mignonne murky robotic vocals, martian tunes and an prodigious slot that'll excite the time-Stygian dancing party minimum, which every now could cause to remember us of the "Items & Things" troupe. Perfect for after-hours. The earliest distribute on Madrid-based identification Sunset & Waves is "Kaos EP" by the mexican duet Oswaldo Ar & Alex Cambrano. And this is barely the commencement, more floor to advance. Distributed by Pressology – Staying genuine to the earliest, Luigi perpetuate the sunset and hypnotic ambiance, but adding a border of funky and a minuscule soup from Chicago classics using drums that unequivocally prompt us of the Roland 707. Blacknob is a Madrid training consists of EMG and Exceptional Signal, owners of the sticker "Dark & Waves" and promoters of the social gathering of the selfsame tag (where Alex Cambrano was scheduled during his in the end ambit in Europe), the remix offers an analysis with drier gouge, flak and fallen BPMs, getting more closer to the rhythms of the 80s and captivating it, thanks to its a close, to more hypnotic locations than the genuine did. An EP that we're stable would like to the followers of Magda's or Marc Houle's productions. Like in "3Days" we'll turn up some recondite voices, psychotic melodies, hypnosis and uncontrollable flute. The EP also includes two remixes of the uniform footpath signed by Blacknob and Luigi Rossi. The italian-born Berlin-based productor Luigi Rossi is in concern of the duplicate mix.

Alex Cambrano, Oswaldo Ar - 3 Days (Original Mix)
Alex Cambrano, Oswaldo Ar - 3 Days (Blacknob Remix)
Alex Cambrano, Oswaldo Ar - 3 Days (Luigi Rossi Remix)
Alex Cambrano, Oswaldo Ar - Back & HDD (Original Mix)