Luciano Garofalo – Deep Revolution [Introspection Recordings]

Introspection Recordings is proud to present Luciano Garofalo, great italian Dj and Producer born in 1981 that comes from labels like Diferit Records, Plus Beat Recordings, Frole Records, Old Future Music, Four Fingers Hand, Crossworld Records and WAX Underground. He began his adventure in 1997, thanks to his childhood passion for soulful and deep music and the masters at work. At 14 years old he bought his first vinyl decks to performing at parties with friends in his garage. One year later he became resident DJ of a club in Caserta, and started several club nights in many nearby towns. Always in love with vinyls,and assiduous listener of the American sound of Chicago,he is influenced by the productions of Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, the MAW, Todd Terry, kerry chandler, bobby and 'rejust a few names that inspired 2004 during a journey of pleasure in the U.K in search of exclusive vinyls,he found a store in soho with some vinyls that litterally astonished him because of the background home impressed by this new sound he began to offer his music in all the clubs in his city. In November 2006,the boy from Naples started his new journey in the first collaborations in the he started the first high level Dancefloor nights experiences with promoters from the whole Campania,and the first nights with important guest artists form all over the world. He immediately received Great and positive feedbacks from both the head-works and the public,and a great unique style from his eclectic yet Tutt today. Fascinated by these innovative sound in 2009 decided to approach the world of production, the desire to express his ideas and to emerge into the world of went out on his firsts digital release various assiduously present in European and Italian scene,his works are supported by djs like chez damier, demetrio giannice, claud Vonstroke, mirco violates gianni Saturday, Gilles Roy , andy Kohlmann, dirty channels, oliver shories, kerry chandler, and many he started a very strong collaboration with the Gasoline Records,an indipendent label from Milan, safaris, four fingers hand and old he is going to start a future project with this much class label Neapolitan path gave Luciano a lot of satisfactions,thanks to his humility that suggests a future full of other challenges and 't stop believing in what you love. Introspection Recordings 2016 distributed by: dig dis! Italy mastered by: Lorenzo Magnozzi artworks credits: Costantino Gucci Ludolf (University Of The Arts London Central Saint Martin)

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