Luca Donzelli, Mar-T – Model Your Future Ep [8Bit]

We're happy to welcome Mar T & Luca Donzelli for their three track debut on 8bit, this is bound to become a future classic!

Modelchord is a slick groover locking down the floor with vibing bass and tight drums to roll along. Next up is ReFuture, that hooks through snapping snares and filtered synths evolving right into a build up full of energy – hands up guaranteed when the beat drops back. True Religion is a dreamy tool made for the club, smoothly blending in at almost anytime, and completing this package of quality sounds.

With Model your Future EP Mar T & Luca Donzelli deliver a versataile premiere, we're sure there's more to come!

Mar-T, Luca Donzelli - Modelchord (Original)
Mar-T, Luca Donzelli - Refuture (Original Mix)
Mar-T, Luca Donzelli - True Religion (Original)