Lqd Hrmny – Need You [Dew Recordings]

A journey through garage with Lqd Hrmny provides and organic look at the evolution of classic UK sounds and intricate bass production. Including the two well-received singles 'Need You' and 'Find Me', Lqd continues to deliver classically-injected electronic music for the casual listener to club connoisseur.

Lqd Hrmny - Need You (Original Mix)
Lqd Hrmny - Away (Original Mix)
Lqd Hrmny - Back (Original Mix)
Lqd Hrmny - Find Me (Original Mix)
Lqd Hrmny - Lux (Original Mix)
Lqd Hrmny - Slowly (Original Mix)
Lqd Hrmny - Throb (Original Mix)