Louise  Rademakers, Ruben De Ronde, Patrick Baker, Rodg – High On Life [Statement!]

Shaking off the shroud that had him be left Armada's cryptic weapon for years, he takes the emphasize by making the most of the surreal amount of knack he's been excellent with. And this is the consequence… The Dutchman steadily built his legacy Sometimes non-standard due to fragile Coryza creations, ridiculously catchy Dynamic trancers, and a incisive eye for unmitigated harmonious attribute, and has set his sights on things metrical greater. Delightful his listeners to a grade where driving basslines, elated melodies, and transfixing atmospheres are the mosque's well-disposed-setters, Rodg shows justified what it feels like to be 'Enormous On Individual'. This is 'Stiff On Time'. Few signature sounds are as understandable and globally acclaimed as the trademark vibes of Rodg. As vibrant as uncontrollable, each of the cuts comprising this 15-article amazed by conveys what those who've already test his mettle fundamental-assistance from known for ages; it is standard of the man's unwavering diligence and his talent for forging tunes that are in fact permanent. To set out on the the human race of Rodg is to be swept off your feet simply to acquire your inte sky-rocket the skies.

Rodg, Manu Zain - Parachute (Original Mix)
Rodg - Dream (Original Mix)
Rodg, Louise Rademakers - Alibi feat. Louise Rademakers (Original Mix)
Rodg - High On Life (Original Mix)
Rodg - Flaked (Original Mix)
Rodg - Islands (Original Mix)
Rodg - Heatwave (Original Mix)
Rodg - Artefact (Original Mix)
Rodg - Wired (Original Mix)
Rodg, Dezi Belle - A Syllable feat. Dezi Belle (Original Mix)
Rodg - Vice Point (Original Mix)
Rodg, Patrick Baker - Fire feat. Patrick Baker (Original Mix)
Rodg - Indulge Me (Original Mix)
Ruben De Ronde, Rodg, Louise Rademakers, Louise Rademakers - Leave A Light On feat. Louise Rademakers (Original Mix)
Rodg - Apollo (Original Mix)