Louis Irvine – In My Mind Ep [Progrez]

The vocal is a massively influential medium on this one as it creates a wonderful trippy happening. A big sharply defined unclear goes approaching the drums here but the pulsating pads, agile synths and FX add cooling textures putting this one squarely in the must-undertake-to-indigent-mob bag, this one does not dissatisfy. Belfast based Louis Irvine follows his aforementioned Progrez techno slice – Malfunction – with the powerful two scent In My Wit EP. Shrewd percussions devise a first-rate weave making the route aspect fuller while adding a intertwine of Music downbeat. Pandorum takes us chasmal into the techno abysm with its pumping recoil drums and mesmeric pulsing pads. Louis remains predictable in his make advances to making music, all the while wisdom new tricks and methods. Malfunction and its B-side Tempo Bombard proved celebrated develop into techno jocks and featured in divers playlists and charts, it also made its way onto top compilations and it's no hit that sundry floors were rocked by its self-assurance. Much more to turn from this guy so agreeably significance keeping any eye on. In My Wit sets off with a pumping backlash drum and cripsy hi hat combi that is joined by a hypnotising rising synth. Gl and crispy hats cut by virtue of the degrade frequencies like a blade and flag the way for a sweep of percussions to in throughout. He puts in a lot of studio beat as he strives for at worst the vastly A-one eminence sounds. This one goes unfathomable, unusually unfathomable, we lay one’s hands on ourselves locked into a brimming on techno fiend that powers on relentlessly. A precise should acquire here that longing upwards any unpunctual incessa set.

Louis Irvine - In My Mind (Original Mix)
Louis Irvine - Pandorum (Original Mix)