Louie Gomez, Jesse Rivera – Dusk [Bassment Tapes]

The subhead keep an eye on Dark from Jesse Rivera, opens up the EP with angry two-bit chords, taut drum patterns, punchy bassline and hypnotic look palette, magically communicable. Anchored by an continuously evolving Juno synth that builds to a turmoil, superiority caper Nautical goodness. Hallmark lord, Louie Gomez contributes a darker techno remix of Sunset, that evokes a dystopian vista, a dance fete with Detroit sensibilities. Rounding out the EP is the hypnotic and beautiful wake trace Front on. Up next, Unscarred Morality, stained chords and stabs above funky drums, with melodic synths that pull off in and out, expertly crafted and stron.

Jesse Rivera - Dusk (Original Mix)
Jesse Rivera - Dusk (Louie Gomez Remix)
Jesse Rivera - Clear Conscience (Original Mix)
Jesse Rivera - Longing (Original Mix)