Louie Balo – Louie Balo Boogie Eightball Records [Eightball Digital]

Here is "Louie Balo Boogie Eightball Records" Influence 1
Remastered, it has Line & Garage Race trax Louie Balo exclusively produced for Eightball Records Louie Balo began DJing from juvenile age at societal league that hosted breakdancing crews. That is when he arrived to NYC's bustling 90s league row and began working at D & D recording studios in the Garment Community in Manhattan. He came to Eightball Records with Keen II Move handiwork party and became Byzantine in loads of initially EB records shillelagh.

Louie Balo - Don't Shot Me Out (New York Club Mix)
Louie Balo - Keep It Simple (The Mix)
Louie Balo - No Felicia (Midnight Mix)
Louie Balo - Eyes Mulligan (Downtown Mix)