Los Updates, Baiyon – Let Me Go Ep [Descanso]

Records. They be experiencing built a collaborative brotherhood since Baiyon remixed I Confuse Effervescent water Into The Lake, and Absent oneself from You So by Los Updates and Ricardo Villalobos released from Worthwhile Cat! For Side A with 2 tracks, the mark holder Baiyon collaborates with Los Updates aka Jorge Gonzalez with Los Updates singing. The elementary vinyl from Kyoto based Japanese Denomination, Descanso. A jazzy, active street entitled I dont woe for Side B by Baiyon. To begin with "Let me go EP" was released as a 12 EP vinyl in 2014, and is now elbow as a digital EP including the digital snobbish monitor "Continually to gambol – Los updates kind".

Baiyon, Los Updates - Let Me Go (Original Mix)
Baiyon, Los Updates - Night To Play (Original Mix)
Baiyon - I Dont Care (Original Mix)
Baiyon, Los Updates - Night To Play (Los Updates Version)