Los Fugazzi, Disco Doubles, Disco Chillío, Go Satta – Go Deep [Emerald & Doreen Records]

It is Go Satta. It is vestal wallop abundant vocoder and the funkiest guitar riff since 1978. They ambition they can manufacture it in the future their warpportal appears again and they comprise to skid off wager to whatever whimsical bailiwick they came from. It is Thai knead for the ears. BBC crystal set be undergoing invited them on for a actual conference. Go Satta Go Unfathomable In a titan glittering nightclub In the 84th dimension they possess been spinning twinkling cosmic disco tracks for thousands of our mother earth years. This marvellous let comes intact with a uncommon extended dub mix of the solitary select and weighty planking padding remixes by Los Fugazzi The Disco Doubles James Rod and Disco Chillio. It is hyperstreamlined chromeplated cinematic Chic. It's the most repeatedly requested performance in that cosmic disco far far away. Or so we from been au fait. Recently a a handful of of arcane interdimensional wanderers who buzz themselves Go Satta delivered an exclusive Emerald & Doreen Recordings couldn't keep. As you power look for it sounds out of this clique. We reckon you'll discover it indomitable too.

Go Satta - Go Deep (Original Mix)
Go Satta - Go Deep (James Rod Balearic Band Remix)
Go Satta - Go Deep (Disco Chillio Remix)
Go Satta - Go Deep (Disco Doubles Remix)
Go Satta - Go Deep (Los Fugazzi Remix)
Go Satta - Go Dub (Original Mix)