Loreto – The Finder [Lisbon Bunker]


On his debut EP Loreto calls upon a lifetime devoted to music: not only to it's functional surface, but to it's true core, both technical and spiritual.

Created after a music production course done in Berklee, Boston, this EP counts three tracks produced with the generous help of noble hatdware: analogue synths, explored for their diverse personalities, without allowing for the digital realm to interfere with their vintage nature.

"Finder" is a trip between the brain and the dancefloor that seems to translate to rhythmic impulses the brain waves that command our bodies: classic crescendo, the right sounds, management of tension and release achieved in a well balanced and perfect plan.

The Moog Voyager is the main vehicle for "Payback", a more direct and transparent track, lacking any tricks, allowing for no concessions, pure muscle, no sound "fat" of any kind, a true dancefloor tool.

Finally, "Smiguel", is more digital, a even more abstract tune, of slow progression and therefore with an even more explicit tension, kind like a soundtrack for some science fiction film set in a post-apocalyptic version of our own planet: we recognize the geographic profile of the place we are in, but it all seems devastated until… after two minutes the tune takes off and brings us to the other side of the mountain.

Loreto may be taking his first steps with music making and releasing, but he has already identified the paths he wants to tread: mostly of personal affirmation, with no concessions, he wants to translate a creative impulse born of an honest passion for music. You can't ask for more.

Loreto - Finder (Original Mix)
Loreto - Smiguel (Original Mix)
Loreto - PayBack (Original Mix)