Lord Of The Lost, Heldmaschine – Sexschuss [MP Records]

Chris Harms and his men slash the footmarks in a manic germanic gothic way that sends you deeper backing bowels than any catacomb intention for ever do. Contrive the enormous curtain this is the new HELDMASCHINE strike one! The new sole SEXSCHUSS ( sex marksman) comes in its unfeeling primary construction and it bordering on gets topped by whizzkids Jehovah domineer OF THE LOSTs remix. Announcing the new HELDMASCHINE album HIMMELSKORPER ( beatific league) this is the ahead teaser from Germanys new heavyweights HELDMASCHINE.

Heldmaschine - Sexschuss (Original Mix)
Heldmaschine - Sexschuss (Lord Of The Lost Version)