Lolla Tek – Renegade [Consumed Music]

The two-tracker strikes with the delightfully layered compositions, presented in two eager variations – from subfuscous, ominous, influential "Apostate", to slick, calming, enthralling "Saboteur". Lolla Tek been known for her remarkable, driving and shady, dubby latest thing; still in her new EP for Consumed Music she has pushed the original boundaries and explored wider realms of techno – deeper, more minimalistic, more experiential, but tranquillity shady, excursion and hypnotic, in her signature deportment. Consumed Music – three years of uttermost secret concrete, thanks for being with us and continue tuned for the next releases. We necessity say that we've anticipated this comeback to Consumed – and really happy to at you the immature "Apostate" EP from Lolla Tek, who secure had some viral releases on the label yet.

Lolla Tek - Renegade (Original Mix)
Lolla Tek - Saboteur (Original Mix)