lolaxvi, OtherMxn – Generation X [Partapart Records]

OtherMxn names his leading album that contains bass, vaporwave, acid and pop elements after them. The red nosed, unadorned eyed anonymous in the engul art may or may not be an proper of Beginning X. In OtherMxn's illusory "planet jerka", prophecies made by advanced physicists say that an dark beginning they title "Institution X" last wishes as be guilty for entrancing the big footstep in the thriving of their civilisation hence changing the planet for correct. He says when creating his report he combines big-best (without sampling) elements with present-day, complex structures. The dexterous and hidden Andrea Caboara is yet to explanation the speculations. He says It's a 'digital pop' album and he tries to found a deliberating heavens in his compositions with his stoner vocals and creepy lyrics.

OtherMxn - Generation X (Original Mix)
OtherMxn - Which I Walk (Original Mix)
OtherMxn - Jerkatronix (Original Mix)
OtherMxn - Loner (Original Mix)
OtherMxn - Introvert (Part 1)
OtherMxn, lolaxvi - Baby Boomers (Original Mix)
OtherMxn - Mobile 771 (Original Mix)
OtherMxn - Extrovert (Part 2)
OtherMxn - Flu (Original Mix)
OtherMxn - Metaphor 23 (Original Mix)
OtherMxn - Grademark (Original Mix)
OtherMxn - Planet Jerk (Original Mix)