Logik (London), G.Grand – Grand Designs [Mondotunes]

The occupation is a entitle to initiative for collaborators and friends in va This proposal deals with themes of working at goals strategically, pursuing greatness, honour in art, and using yourself meaningful experiences as spur for evocative music.

G.Grand - Grand Designs (Original Mix)
G.Grand - Look up to the Sky (Original Mix)
G.Grand - Give 'Em a Show feat. Hyf Gypsy Sun (Original Mix)
G.Grand - Une Chanson Pour Toi (Original Mix)
G.Grand - We Bout It feat. DJ So Nice (Original Mix)
G.Grand - Shine On 'Em (Original Mix)
G.Grand, Logik (London) - Where You Are feat. Kay Flow and Logik (London) (Original Mix)
G.Grand - Pardon Me, Brother (Original Mix)
G.Grand - Player, Play On feat. Words (Original Mix)
G.Grand - Thoughts On Absolutely Nothing (Original Mix)
G.Grand - Step Ahead (Original Mix)
G.Grand - We Might as Well (Original Mix)