Lobert, Patrick Kunkel, Florian Kaltstrom – E [Observatory Music]

In the end of July will see the Observatory Music 005
imprint deliver the E Ep ,from Florian Kaltstrøm backed
with a remix from Patrick Kunkel & Lobert Remix.
Opening up the EP is E1 which see Florian deliver a
haunting slice, a track full of rhythm, a pad is
atmospheric, and very dynamic, this track and a train
E2 laying the focus on a sparse rhythmic foundation while
fuel the psychedelia and arpeggio synth, this track by the
feeling of flying.
E3 rounds things off afterhours-style, this track maintains
the style of the whole ep, this track has a very string this
weighty rhythms and raw, with a very sytnh increasing and
a number of voices and effects, completing the track.
Patrick Kunkel collaborates with Observatory Music, the
remix is an evolution of emotions, has a very deep
rhythmic, with the growing pads, the very vocal performed
exclusively and groove with bubbling synth, is a shocking
Also Lobert participated with remix, full of rhythm, an
evolution of sounds, with a synth growing, a remix full of
Cover art: Rust Soul

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Florian Kaltstrom - E1 (Original Mix)
Florian Kaltstrom - E2 (Original Mix)
Florian Kaltstrom - E3 (Original Mix)
Florian Kaltstrom - E1 (Patrick Kunkel Remix)
Florian Kaltstrom - E3 (Lobert Remix)