Lo, Stark, Jack On Black, Coley & Daines – Various Artists [Born Fourth]

We be suffering with Coley & Daines with their extract rolling tech household troop. The Zombie Soundsystem mastermind Shane Watcha with a much deeper but groovy follow with a noted evaluate forth Larry Levan aptly named 'Larry's Seventh heaven'. Born Fourth's attitude is wide allowing the artists to be liberated and not pigeonhole themselves into one fashion of the blood spectrum as here we maintain there is contrariwise two types of music – admissible and bad. Next up we receive Bristol's superstar Dylan Launch who has releases on some heavyweight labels with his 'The Monster' alley named after description boss Felipe Kastegliano said "this course is a animal!" – rightly so! Dutchie who has been making tsunami ta waves in the London locale recently with tracks in some of the most respected labels in the municipality comes in with his acid strain earshot in 'Fucked By Friday'. Nine tracks from nine jolly personal artists and styles, is how we credit that the imprint should be launched. The Desolate boys save their every eclectic condensation electronic range with, which has develop theirs – a Plain alley commitment ever after wet your music palate. Next up we entertain identifier monarch of misdemeanours Felipe Kastegliano with an array of electronic sounds all blending together to produce a Architecture glyph holiday called 'Yellow Friendship'. We org Geshe Ewing who's no alien to releasing music, having released on all sorts of labels throughout the closing few years with his oversee 'Tread In Interval' which is a tech lineage sluggardly builder but groovy as misery. Aftermost but not least, we be undergoing French superstar Lo who releases a comme il faut techno number with sounds that sound to check in from a another planet in all respects, definitely completing the rescue! Jack On Coloured = the dynamical duo! They arrive produce a techno rolling adamant fiend called 'Oldschool' that already has stand by from business heavyweights being played across the humanity. Beats, hi hats, more beats, unearthly sounds, onerous basslines, fat synths, and a lot of cut is what composes this nine rails Several Artists pass out with which we inaugurate Born Fourth.

Coley & Daines - Zelon Diggin (Original Mix)
Shane Watcha - Larry's Paradise (Original Mix)
Dylan Debut - The Beast (Original Mix)
Geshe Ewing - Step In Time (Original Mix)
Felipe Kastegliano - Yellow Love (Original Mix)
Dutchie - Fucked By Friday (Original Mix)
Jack On Black - Oldschool (Original Mix)
Stark - Greed Anomaly (Original Mix)
Lo - Effective Skills (Original Mix)