Lluis Ribalta, Inkfish, Piatto, Ovi M – Vector Alpha / Rapide [Tulipa Recordings]

A soaring ado. The midnight festivities get wilder when Piatto, Inkfish, and Lluis Ribalta dump in less than no time into the gardens. Meddling snacks. An upheaval of sparks flashes in the sombre screen overhead, sending a visual alarm to the animals lurking on the hillsides. Lagoon with an aloft arc light. Slicing as a consequence muzzles. Via the dreams of cadavers. Mellowed with buoyancy. Be evasive preferential. 2016 Tulipa Recordings

Artwork by Justin Chodzko
Words by Summer (Brendon Collins) A whispered watchword working its way. A voided authenticity stemmed from soul exposed to scar's rim. Formation flint. The bluing rickshaw. Arranging misdeeds by Dialect heft and fabric. The report is unclouded– typhoon the gates and hoof it until light of day. Ovi M glides into Tulipa with a melodious piece de resistance in one man and an illuminated lantern in the other. The mantrap, the quenched, and the werewolf. Jelly sprinkler. Wink of an eye objects in the tenebriousness sky give every indication to throbbing in ease with the techno music blaring from Ovi's new gift Vector Alpha / Rapide. Comprehend essence in scrubbe ears. Deemed dim. She greeted meats with forks and whistles.

Ovi M - Vector Alpha (Original Mix)
Ovi M - Vector Alpha (Piatto Remix)
Ovi M - Vector Alpha (Inkfish Remix)
Ovi M - Rapide (Original Mix)
Ovi M - Rapide (Lluis Ribalta Remix)