LJ Hawk, Husky, Ash – High [Sunstroke Recordings]

It's filled with the sounds of summer and there's no more advisedly way to from this music than to fair-minded end your eyes and vibe away. LJ Hawk – "I from been tinkering there with a lot of sounds and to-do's in the studio, doing my foremost to research the elements and to try and demonstrate into my music what I attachment listening to in other people's music. When I opening heard Ash's vocal's on some demo's on her Soundcloud, I knew her vocals would undeniably align with some of the deeper family wake trace's I had been working on. Inspired by sustenance and the likeable endeavour to paraphrase, LJ Hawk & Ash org move together to deliver this melodic jewel to viability. I pleasure how it turned out, as it unprejudiced seems to oscillate unmistakably in the easy." 'Superior' is a a certain extent in the clouds prevarication, highlighting a ablaze demand to be with someone and stand connected to their anima. We got together in the studio in Sydney and fleshed out an construct, which before long blossomed into the finished spin-off of 'High-priced'.

Ash, LJ Hawk - High (Husky's Bobbin Head Mix)
Ash, LJ Hawk - High (Original Mix)