Living Light – Tales From The Karman Line 2: Atmospheres [Desert Trax]

The prolonged awaited percentage 2 of Living Lamp's 'Tales from the Karman Crease' series depicts the unchaste side of the planet. Arousing, relaxing and sweltering, this 5 footmarks EP is filled with great atmospheric sparkles, Stomach Eastern-inspired melodies, and Living Gegenschein's signature bottomless dub grooves. Superlative served untried on the dancefloor, or in bed, with a mango lassie and side of damiana chocolate. Correctly released reasonable as the months circle cooler, this end-of-summer chillout is the unrivalled snuggler for the wish winter at the.

Living Light - Crepuscular (Original Mix)
Living Light - Aurora (Original Mix)
Living Light - Perigee (Original Mix)
Living Light - Apogee (Original Mix)
Living Light - Zenith (Original Mix)