Little Fella, Marc Smith, Skinny – Cut It Up (marc Smith & Little Fella’s ‘notorious Hijack Remix’) [Notorious Vinyl]

Well…. what can we say?
This literally is a Notorious Hijack! These two magicians take exactly what makes the original work so bloody well and work some utterly Notorious magic on it, taking it not only to a different level but to a whole other level.
There is no sort of influence avoided here, this remix encompasses all sorts of vibes, hardcore, trance, hardstyle, big kick, happy and euphoric and in true remix style makes it so much different from the original but keep the vital elements there.

A roof raiser and a dance floor shaker like nothing else, the anticipation in the drops are just phenomenal!

Check it out for yourself

Notorious as hell!!

Skinny - Cut It Up (Marc Smith & Little Fella's 'Notorious Hijack Remix')