Liquid In Plastic, Pieter Vermeyen – Inuit [Sound Films – Sound Visions]

He essential started with FruityLoops and Garageband (on his soundcloud stage these creations can still be institute), but it shortly became Insight and Ableton Contemporary. Later on, Pieter got a new passion: making electronic music that has some similarities with traditional music and with ambient music. The baseline is the narrative that the Inuit (inhabitants of Greenland) maintain more than twenty diverse names for snow. Pieter picked out four names, each with their own substance. Simultaneously, all the tracks take the in any case air but are distinct in another way. A few years later, when Pieter got his oldest 'music composing' acquaintance with his confrere, he sooner undeniable to start following prime music composing lessons from Bram Van Body, a Belgian modern composer, one of the greatest of its accommodating. Inuit EP is his conclusive devise. Second then he considered himself not dorky enough to on music classes, but he secretly loved playing his itsy-bitsy device, singing songs, dancing with interest on 'hit the bottle me up hearties' from Hans Zimmer and playing the drums on the caboose index. It's a figure of speech that can sole be arranged by listening to the music

Distributed by Ticket Mechanism – It was also Bram who sent Pieter to composing classes with Wim Henderickx and Diederik Glorieux, where he got the beforehand moment to get some of his compositions performed unexploded for a (wee) audience. At the age of eight, uphold in 2001, Pieter started to adopt piano lessons from his grandmother.

Pieter Vermeyen - Aput (Original Mix)
Pieter Vermeyen - Bluwid (Original Mix)
Pieter Vermeyen - Skriniya (Original Mix)
Pieter Vermeyen - Talini (Original Mix)
Liquid In Plastic - Celeritas (Original)