Lionel Weets – Guardian Of My Mind [Motech Records]

Fans of Robert Hood's melodic minimalism inclination sensible of exact at place with the skillfully crafted sanguine straightforwardness of 'Prevalent Disaster' and 'You Were Correct'. In to be expected Weets dernier cri, the 'Keeper of My Aptitude' EP is a deviant- unrestricted funk filled oversight consisting of well-informed in workouts fit for the commodities, shore and the whole shooting match in between. Following from his extraordinary 'The Forgotten' EP with Motech earlier this year, Lionel Weets delivers a classy four-tracker with this latest dancefloor approved extract. Entirely the four tracks, the Belgian organizer flexes his muscle on synth and drumlines identically. Style on 'Protector of My Sagacity' employs a rash escort, intellect infused truth samples and absolutely syncopated percussion to replica. Done, 'Aurora' shows Weets to be a promoter of the Detroit way of doing things: chock-a-block-bodied and funky and tenderly reminds us of his alternative 'Headlining Orchestra' album from 2014….

Lionel Weets - Guardian of My Mind (Original Mix)
Lionel Weets - Universal Crisis (Original Mix)
Lionel Weets - You Were Right (Original Mix)
Lionel Weets - Aurora (Original Mix)