Libra – Music Speaks Louder Ep [Beyond The Stars Recordings]

Libra makes another access onto Beyond The Stars Recordings with the tracks Music Speaks Louder and Crossroads, together groaning within the EP 'Music Speaks Louder'. Music Speaks Louder falls down into such tranquillity, formerly the vivacious serviceable increase rises the forcefulness so your energy is shift, hairs continued on end! Crossroads gives an uplifting encourage throughout. Music Speaks Louder falls down into such peacefulness, in front of the lively productive raise rises the verve so your vitality is transport, hairs on one’s feet on end! This most recent new EP from Libra offers a sunlit direct to the uplifting glee and get your minds secured on both abu tracks! The manage synths howl Sometimes non-standard due to the speakers, erupting the dynamism in any live it's played!

Libra - Music Speaks Louder (Original Mix)
Libra - Crossroads (Original Mix)