Li-Polymer, Denny Loco – Ramses [Asymmetric Recordings]

(c) 2016 Asymmetric Recordings/Dip
(p) 2016 Asymmetric Recordings/Dip The Ep opens up with the legend path 'Ramses'. Li-Polymer remixes 'Nefertiti' adding a dreamier tinge, with its impenetrable and brooding flavours oozing across its soundscape. His preceding path with us – 'Centoundici' is the epithet's top selling spoor at the point in time and was a big white-haired with Solomun amongst others. This beefy and hypnotic gem unfurls its arcane appeal, backed by a resilient vibe and skippy tinge to be a bit of a brute. This brooding gem throbs along, in front of the riff introduces a melodic atmosphere. Keeping the vitality levels up next we reveal 'Nefertiti'. And rounding things off 'Cleopatra' with its punchy supernatural vibe and swaggering underbelly of coolness. Denny Loco returns to Asymmetric and delivers Ramses EP.

Denny Loco - Ramses (Original Mix)
Denny Loco - Nefertiti (Original Mix)
Denny Loco - Nefertiti (Li-Polymer Remix)
Denny Loco - Cleopatra (Original Mix)