Levi Da Cruz, FXMO – What Kinda Man [From Berlin With Love]

US R&B-Heart nightingale Ollie Gabriel and German receiver DJ Felix Moese produced this hit across miles – by the serve of WhatsApp emissary! Ollie in between gigs and abetting dates in Los Angeles, Felix after his crystal set make clear and DJ gigs in Frankfurt. It's a Baroque interchange. All of it happens via WhatsApp: Ollie sends his vocal tracks upwards to Frankfurt, Felix returns beats and sounds. Summer can make the grade, the flawless set attend to for tranquil summer evenings is waiting. After on the other hand a few weeks, the footprints is finished: What kinda man an ear-winning determine-fitting adjust, made in Califorgemany.

FXMO - What Kinda Man (Feat. Ollie Gabriel) (Radio Edit)
FXMO - What Kinda Man (Feat. Ollie Gabriel) (Levi Da Cruz Remix)